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Hot & Healthy in Business

Welcome to the Hot and Healthy in Business Podcast, bringing you the secrets to burning bright, not out in business. I’m your host Belinda Heit – best known as Bindi, Creative Communications Director for Hot and Healthy in Business. Join me for courageous conversations with experts, thought leaders and business owners about the Mindset, Fuel and Success Strategies needed to be sustainably successful as a woman in small business today.

Nov 30, 2015

Food Scientist, single mum of 3, Founder and CEO of Elevating Food Safety shares her own personal health journey which includes severe digestive issues, obesity, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress and hormone imbalances.

10 years ago Dijana Green was on a natural high. A fit and healthy vegetarian turned vegan,  fell pregnant at 36 years old with her first child and gained 60 kilograms. This set off a roller coaster ride of self discovery and self healing. The knowledge and skills she has learned and that she shares in this episode, may just change your life.

Tune and discover how an over-achiever is creating healthy sustainable success in body, mind and business, and how you can too.

Dijana Green - Facebook: Wonders of Food